TSG Safety was formed with two main concepts in mind.  The first is to help companies reduce their exposure from an OSHA compliance perspective.  OSHA sometimes puts undue burden on companies to comply with outdated regulations.  This means that it is important to be innovative when developing solutions to compliance concerns.  This is why we focus on providing a high level of service to help clients reduce costs with compliance while still reducing the liability that they could be cited.

Secondly, TSG Safety was formed to help companies maintain a safe work environment for employees.  The two driving factors behind this concept is to reduce liability from a workers compensation perspective but also to help improve employee morale.  Workers compensation insurance can be a major expense to companies and HR related functions can also cost a company thousands of dollars per year.  Improved employee morale also means that employees may come to you before they go to OSHA if there is a safety concern which could save your business from an inspection.

By ensuring compliance with OSHA and reducing exposure to workers compensation, companies can save money to put back into the business.  This is what TSG Safety does for our clients.  We help you reduce liability from OSHA and Workers Compensation while saving you money in the long run from OSHA citations or workers comp injuries on the job.