OSHA requires all employers in the US to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards. In an effort to ensure a safe working environment for your employees as well as to comply with OSHA requirements, TSG Safety provides on-site mock OSHA inspections. This inspection includes a thorough review of your operations and a walk through of your facility to identify possible deficiencies in OSHA compliance. A detailed report of the mock OSHA inspection will be provided which will include recommendations to improve workplace safety and compliance.

The report will cover all aspects of OSHA compliance with quoted standards that reveal potential compliance issues. We will also focus on workplace safety issues that may not pertain to specific OSHA regulations.

All Mock OSHA Inspections include 1 year of telephonic follow up access. Your company can call us regarding any questions about OSHA compliance or workplace safety during that 1 year time frame. Additional on-site visits will be priced accordingly.